Research Laboratory on Providence Seekonk River

Buoyancy, Light, and a Research Lab off of Fox Point, Providence.
 - The objective was to create a new research laboratory with required public services such as an aquarium, conference rooms, lobby, and large public gathering space, and private program such as three laboratories supporting air, earth and wind studies, offices, conference rooms, mechanical rooms and services, etc. 
 - Existing site was a parking lot with an old, unfinished metal structure. It rested right on the shoreline of the Seekonk River. It resides next to India Point Park, and the Community Boating Center.
 - Prior analysis for this project included a buoyancy test, and a span and tension project (both of which is on Behance under "Spanning and Buoyancy"), which aided in the conceptualization of the design.

On-site phenomena studied and attempted replication using a light box; studying the interplay  between light and reflection
Initial Study Models for Research Lab
Study model and mock up drawings for laboratory
- components included a cantilevered "L" shape that extends over the water and allows a tidal pool to enter underneath. 
- Tidal pool with a dual ramping system, one with steps for seating, and the other for handicap accessibility and flow. 
- Dual entrances that include one for the public (who can access tidal pool, lobby, conference rooms, etc.), and one for private (who can access laboratories, office spaces, conference rooms, etc.)
Light Study for Laboratories 
- decreasing direct light for controlled environment using dual curves to reflect light into the building. 
- double glass hallway allowing for separate circulation and visuals in and out of lab spaces
- lower curves act as structural supports for the upper program containing individualized office spaces
Final plans, sections, elevations and model for research laboratory
- Canopy system is supported at its center points and is semi transparent, allowing for reflection of light underneath without direct light passing through.
- A large public aquarium is located at the center of the building, which includes circulation to the tidal pool. This aquarium supports public attraction and laboratory research
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